Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Prius MPG Review 20-Mar-2012

Prius MPG has remained flat at 49.9 mpg again over the past week.  I'm thinking of changing one of the variables, say the tyre pressure, to see what effect it has on fuel consumption.

Here are the latest stats in tabular form:

DAY 20


Year 2012

MPG 49.9

Temp Range (°C) 6 – 12

Tyre Pressure (psi) 41 psi

Roof Bars Fitted Yes

Roof Box Fitted No

Driving Conditions Mostly urban

And here is the graph, flat lining at 49.9mpg.  Incidentally, this is the lowest MPG I have recorded since owning the car; it has never before dipped below the psychologically significant 50mpg mark.  Hmm, something to gnaw on over the next week.  Until then, happy driving - whatever your chariot!

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