Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Prius MPG Review 28-Mar-2012

No, I didn't alter anything in the last week after all.  The most obvious thing to have done is take off the roof bars but I want to leave them on until I have (1) taken one internal door to be 'dipped and stripped' and (2) taken another external period door to our local storage facility.  So, for the immediate future, they'll remain on.

The weather has been most unseasonal over the past week.  We've had record March highs here in Scotland with Aboyne in Aberdeenshire hitting 23 degrees Celsius.  Perhaps this has helped sustain the 49.9 mpg level with purely urban driving over the week.  Anyway, here is the table ...

DAY 28


Year 2012

MPG 49.9

Temp Range (°C) 8 – 20

Tyre Pressure (psi) 41 psi

Roof Bars Fitted Yes

Roof Box Fitted No

Driving Conditions All urban

... and the chart

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