Thursday, 14 June 2012

Prius MPG Review 14-June-2012

I realise I have not updated recently and am overdue to post the latest mpg results.  Sorry if you have been waiting.  Drum roll please ..... I am now getting 50.9mpg. Here are the stats:

I have been pleased with this improvement, especially considering I have had the 360 litre roof box ounted for a week whilst we were away camping.  (I'll post about that experience in the next day or so.)  I had a comment from reader discostu about his acceleration technique and how he uses the gas/accelerator pedal.  I have been bearing in mind his technique of pressing the pedal down as if there was an egg underneath and trying not to crush it.  However, I know the bigest impediment to achieving greater mpg at the moment for me is the roof bars and I am going to take them off soon.  In fact, I may take a small video of the process of removal.

That's all for now - watch out for a post in the next day or so about our latest camping experience!

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