Thursday, 18 April 2013

Toyota Prius Steering Shaft Recall

I received a letter dated "April 2013" from Toyota (GB) plc notifying me of the need to have my Toyota Prius (second generation model - 2006) inspected for a potential steering shaft problem.  Part of the letter is quoted below:

We contacted you recently to notify you of our intention to recall your Toyota to address a potential issue with the Steering Shaft.
We have now made the necessary arrangements with our Network and would like to invite you to contact your preferred Toyota Centre or Official Toyota Service Outlet to arrange to have your vehicle modified.
Through our continuous assessment and quality monitoring process, we have found there might be the possibility that a component within the steering shaft may prompt a knocking or rattling and possibly a reduction in steering response.
We wish to inspect your vehicle and perform a preventative modification. This modification will be done at our cost and with the minimum of inconvenience to you.  All you need to do is contact your local Toyota Centre / Official Toyota Service Outlet in order to arrange a suitable date and time for the work to be carried out.

Well, whilst there is no denying that it is an inconvenience to me, I am re-assured that Toyota are always monitoring for possible issues on their vehicles. I have to say, I have not noticed anything untoward with the steering. It will be intersting to see how the car feels and responds once the modification has been done. I have booked my car in to Struans Toyota in Dundee for the 3rd May 2013. I will post an update once done.

Just on an end noet, I have to say that I have had 100% reliability from my Prius. It has never let me down in any small way in over a year's ownership. In fact, I could say it is one of the most boring cars I have ever had; it never gives me 'surprises' or 'exciting episodes'. It just works and does its thing, day in, day out. Predictable. Just how I like it.

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