Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Prius MPG Review 11-Apr-2012

I have a smile on my face again - last mpg check on the Prius shows 50.3mpg.  Yes!  We really did encounter some foul weather when down in Galloway on our short easter break recently but the open road and country lanes eem to have agreed with the fully loaded Prius.  I've swapped laptops in the past week so still haven't prepared mpg stats in table or chart format - sorry.  Will definitely get this sorted for next week.  Honest.

You know, the one thing that stuck with me that I found so handy in our trip away was the sun glasses / spectacle holder.  In our Volvo S40, sun glasses and specs are always getting forced into holders and any nook or cranny.  The result is that you forget where you put them or you damage and scratch them.  The Prius sun glasses holder is so easy to use - see the photo below.

You always know where top put your glasses - and where to find them.  And they never get scratched in it.  Excellent.  A little thing, perhaps, but those little things just make life that little bit easier.  Like excellent mpg figures!

Bye 'til next week.

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