Thursday, 26 April 2012

Prius MPG Review 26-Apr-2012

I'm getting really fed up of the weather. I'm sure it is well within the statistical mean temperatrure range, but the temperature has struggled to make double digits, nosing 11 °C at its absolute maximum over the past week.  Feels even colder than this though and we've certainly been getting drenched with those April showers.  Good weather for windscreen wipers though!

Right, enough of the joviality.  Here's a wee dose of Prius statistics to sort you out:

So I've been able to keep the 50.3mpg figure this week.  Would be happier to increase it.  I know, you're probably saying 'take the roof bars off then'.  And you'd be right, of course.  However, being on the cusp of putting our house on the market, I anticipate more runs to the storage centre.  I could take them off (easy enough to do with the Thule roof bars) but I'd have to put them somewhere and since the objective du jour is to keep the house as clutter free as possible this won't happen.  My wife's wrath on one end of the see-saw, an increase in mpg on the other.  You decide.  I know I have.

Okay, that's enough for now.

A bientot,


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