Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Prius MPG Review 18-Apr-2012

Still hitting 50.3mpg - hurray!  My wife has been driving the Prius most of the time over the last week, whilst the task of repairing the rear brakes on our Volvo S40 (having squealed their last squeal) was allocated to me. I did manage to sneak a shot of the Prius on Monday to transport an old pine door to the local paint-stripping shop, but that was all the blissful Prius time I had this week.

Right the stats are back, albeit with a slightly different format.  Table first ... 





Temp Range (°C)6 – 12

Tyre Pressure (psi)41 psi

Roof Bars FittedYes

Roof Box FittedNo

Driving ConditionsMostly extra urban

The chart is in slightly different style, hopefully highlighting the differences in MPG better.

I'll hopefully get the Prius back on Friday since I need to pick up my old pine door.  Perhaps I'll put a post up and show you what the Prius is capable of carrying on its roof.  Until then, TTFN.

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