Thursday, 20 September 2012

Of MOTs and Clothes Drying

I should have mentioned earlier that our Prius had to get its annual 'health check', or MoT.  For those readers in the UK you'll know what this means - usually delays in the garage and unexpected faults which all translates to hassle and money out of your wallet.  For those readers elsewhere, the MoT is an obligatory check by the UK government's Department of Transport carried out by licensed garages and qualified mechanics.  It is a checklist of items that are deemed to ensure the road worthiness of the car and increasingly taking into account impact of fuel emissions.

This is now our second MoT with our Prius and, as many UK Prius owners will no doubt testify, the MoT experience has so far been a good one.  Our car passed with the only requisite being to fit two new tyres.  In fact, I think that the two front tyres were the original Bridgestones, so I am quite happy they served for six years and over 40,000 miles.  All in all, I'm happy with the MoT experience so far.  Of course, reliability was one of the reasons for choosing a Prius.

The Prius also happily served us well and comfortable in our journeys down south to England this summer.  We enjoyed a week camping near Bungay in Suffolk, only a couple of miles from the excellent St. Peter's Brewery.  It must have been the liquid inspiration stemming from a visit to the brewery that caused me to come up with one alternative use for a Prius - using it to dry our laundry!

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